I need to lay my eggs

My name is Ira Norton Edwards,22, i am strong like lion, i need to draw pictures and make things, all commissions considered and encouraged!.

Email iranorton@hotmail.co.uk if you would like prints of any of my work, or would like to buy a sculpture!

Ride the dizzy wave of chaos and dont use tape or glue.

Nov 14

ere are a few pages from the forthcoming second issue of BOGUS.
.the cover
.Larry arriving at the[empty?] tail and arms 
.Gunther transforming at shamins hut after hunting Iduls
.RocketMouse and Davros causing trouble with the BLOOD CLONE
and some random close ups of bits of Larrys page.

consider this post a COMING SOON sign for the second issue, i have been hand-broken for the past two months and really want to get this done and distributed by the end of the year. 

You can find a link to my firat issue on a previous page of this blog.
Or just go here to read it online: http://issuu.com/boguscomic

his has been a labour of love and a brilliant learning experience so far, it makes me happy to be creating my own comics, so please let me know if your interested! (show ur friends n fam) and once I’ve smashed it in i will be making physical copys that you may buy or exchange for goods or for the love of it. my emails iranorton@hotmail.co.uk and i will send out copys in the post just send me your deets or however you feel. love to all i hope these pages give you a kick.

Nov 8

goony doodle….

these photos are supposed to be portrait not landscape but whenever i upload it it just goes sideways so fuckit



old sign

old sign

sprawl wit a broken hand


Nov 6

boom tings with the postal possse its all good 

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